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Start Date 06/05/19

End Date 06/03/19

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About Crescendo.Global

Crescendo was created so that We are networked, concerned, and active in our goal of tuning the world so that women can be free to be.

We chose art as our medium to best communicate with our global viewers and also because it is yet another necessity needing support.

We are based in South Korea where alot of the things are done with America as an example. 

And many will agree that America itself is far from being fully tuned in gender equity.

With feminism and feminists growing in focus in South korea,  the only voice people hear seem to be the man-hating. And we know anger cannot touch everyone. 

Meanwhile in the western world, there are questions like 'Do we need feminists now?' 

But the reality is that like it or not, our need to be feminists will never be over. 

Because Korea will look to America. And Cameroon will look to wherever is the next step from breast ironing.

We need women to know you cannot stop being a feminist. We need women to know that this is a global cause and that it is fluid and cannot be isolated..


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